Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello there.

This August marks my ninth year as a blogger.

Nine years of my life has been documented across (now) eight blogs.

Remember Xanga? That's where it all began, and I documented my entire high school sophomore year. Right after school ended, I opened a new account with a user name that better suited my personality. From there, the summer of 2003 all the way through the end of my high school career in May 2005 were documented.

Soon after I graduated high school, Phusebox was born, so I hopped on board with the rest of my friends and begin typing my life away for the next eighteen(ish) months. My last consistent post was February 4, 2007 (the day after I met John), and my last post at all was June 4, 2007.

 I took a two month hiatus from blogging before deciding to open an account with Blogger. I wrote just a few entries before stopping completely in October. At that point, John and I were engaged, and I had run in to something of a writer's block.

 One month before our wedding, in February 2008, I decided to open another account with Blogger to document my life as a married woman. During that first year of marriage, I opened a secondary blog to write about the (stupidly random) fiasco's John and had together.

June 2009 found us living in Florida and I thought it would be appropriate to close both first year blogs and create a new account with Blogger to document our life in Florida.

For two years I stayed with Blogger before moving everything to Wordpress. I thought it would be a great move, but I wound up missing Blogger a lot.

By that point, my blog was sporadically updated with posts that, more often than not, lacked any meaning for me. After the recent death of my dad, I've decided I wanted to end Labors of Love and create a new blog that's just me: Anna Woerner.

I'm not changing my writing topics as much as I'm just changing the effort I put in to them.

Writing, no matter what it's about, is an art. And I want to do this art well.

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