Thursday, September 29, 2011

yarn wreaths

The past two years I have not decorated for fall. I did not like the house we were living in last year, and when you don't like your own house, it's hard to find motivation to decorate it. Two years ago we were in Florida; 80 degree weather and palm trees didn't allot much motivation for fall decor either. 

But now I love our house (our home, rather), the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall, and the temperatures are slowly (but surely) lowering. I pulled out my fall decor, placing some wire-y pumpkins I bought last year (clearance, baby!) on our table, dressing our television cabinet with garland, and placing an artificial pumpkin on our mantel. However, I couldn't find my wreath. Things tend to get lost in moves, so I didn't look too hard for it, figuring I would just buy another at Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby.

A few nights ago I was on Pinterest and saw several yarn wreaths. I thought they were super cute, and made my own a couple of days ago!

I got my inspiration by this wreath, but instead of making my flowers from felt, I just used some basic cotton fabric. I used this tutorial to make the flowers (I just made the ones for the wreath larger).

What I love about this wreath (besides how pretty it is and how simple it was to put together), is that it was SUPER cheap to make! For this specific wreath, I re-purposed some yarn that was on it's way to being a hat (free), bought s styrofoam wreath from Wal-Mart for $4.50, and got 1/8 yard of three fabrics at .62 cents per color. I made my mom one too, except I bought a new skein of yarn, but even then I paid right at $10!

I also wrapped the wreath holder in burlap. I thought it looked better than shiny metal (even it it is brown).

I will definitely be making a Christmas wreath, and I wouldn't be surprised if I have one for spring, Hannah Grace's birthday, July 4th. . . the options are endless!

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  1. Cute idea! I don't really decorate for anything other than Christmas, but I have a hard time wanting to put stuff up only to take it down again. This year though I bought an owl candle holder that is kind of fall-ish, and I will probably get a mini pumpkin from Publix like I did last year. I also have a candle candle a friend of mine gave me a couple of years ago. Maybe one day I'll try out the wreath thing!