Monday, December 5, 2011

I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend was just last weekend. Since my mom left last Sunday, we've had two more sets of visitors in the last week: John's mom from Wednesday to Thursday and Andy, Cherie, and Zach from Friday afternoon through yesterday afternoon. Both of those visits were fun, and now that we're going to have some normalcy for the next few weeks, I'm not sure what to do with myself.

While John's mom was here, I was able to make quite a bit of progress on the quilt I started back in June. So much progress, in fact, that by the time she left the only thing I had to do was bind it. AND, by some act of God I was able to pin the binding in place and sew it down while Hannah Grace was awake last Thursday afternoon. SO. THE QUILT IS FINISHED! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I will have a post dedicated to that soon.

I have one more larger project I started earlier this year that I'm also hoping to finish by mid-January. It, too, is a quilt-like project that is a picnic blanket. Obviously that won't be used in this cold weather, but I'd like to have it ready and at hand once the warm weather returns.

Other than sewing, I've been finishing up the Christmas-izing of our house, wrapping Hannah Grace's presents, and getting the overall state of our house in a consistent organized and clean state. A couple of weeks ago John shampooed our carpets and I scrubbed our kitchen tile. Since then we have been super motivated to maintain the cleanliness of the floors (especially now that we know what not maintaining them can do), so I've been mopping and vacuuming very regularly (I'd already been vacuuming regularly, thanks to HG, but not so much with mopping-- mostly because all I had was a Swiffer, and those don't work well on my kitchen floor). It's amazing how doing basic chores can really make your house look so much better.

John is off today, so we've been lazing around. We grabbed lunch at Arby's earlier, and when Hannah Grace wakes up from her nap we're going to Sam's. Such a wild life, I know :p

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