Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new phone

After two years of having an iPhone, I've made the switch to an Android phone, LG's Nitro. The ONLY reason I made that decision was blatant curiosity. AT&T and phone manufacturers have been sending John various Android devices over the last year and a half, and I decided I wanted to try one out for awhile. I still LOVE the iPhone and would recommend it as anyone's first smart phone (at least on AT&T's network). Android phones are not as user friendly as the iPhone, but according to John, they are more capable. I'm not even sure what that means, nor do I think I will truly benefit from these 'capabilities', but I guess someone would.

I'm not gonna lie: I hated this phone the first night I had it (two nights ago). It is much more difficult to navigate than the iPhone, typing on the touch screen is different, and it was just hard to figure out (but that goes back to the whole user friendly thing). John sat down and showed me a few different things about the phone, and I warmed up to it a little. This is my second full day to have the phone, and while I still can't find anything about it I prefer over the iPhone (other than the super pretty screen and 8 mega pixel camera), I like it much more than I did Monday night. I also like how large the screen is, but that's truly a personal preference, since many people prefer a smaller screen. 

Now I'm just hoping Android app creators hurry up with an Instagram app! That was my favorite app on the iPhone!


  1. I've been using andriod for the past 2 years.. blackberry a year before that. I hated the andriod when I first got it. Probably the first week or two, but it grew on me. Granted the screen is a little slower, but I like it. I'm thinking this time of switching over to the iPhone.. just out of curiosity also :)

  2. I hate not having a smart phone so much. And I would totally get an iPhone next time around, but I don't think I can live without a slide out keyboard. Thankfully Verizon has a couple of slide out keyboard smart phones... I've just got to wait another yearish.

    By the way, really loved that picture of Hannah Grace you posted on Facebook. Would have said something on there, but I don't like all those notifications you get after the fact!