Wednesday, December 28, 2011

two for two.

Hannah Grace woke up December 23 with a dry cough and runny nose. This eventually turned into a congested cough and super runny nose, accompanied by a fever. She woke up from a three hour nap yesterday evening completely miserable, and John and I decided to take her to a nearby Urgent Care clinic. After a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia, a catheter to check for a UTI (sounds odd, but we had reasons for wanting to check), a thumb prick to check her white blood cell count (and one other thing, but it slipped my mind), and a throat and ear examination (to check for an ear infection and strep), we finally were that everything looked fine, with the exception of the X-Ray, which showed some Bronchitis. We were given a Rx for an antibiotic and were able to leave. 

The catheter was the most traumatic thing for her. I think the worst part about having a sick child so young is not being able to explain what's actually happening. John and I both had to hold her down while the nurse inserted the catheter and collected the urine, and although Hannah Grace screamed the entire time, the whole ordeal lasted maybe 90 seconds. She also hates having her ears and mouth looked at, so those (short) examinations required both John and I to hold her still. John went with her to have the X-Ray done and said he would have been traumatized if he were Hannah Grace. Apparently they had to wrap her arms around something (to get a good shot for the X-Ray), and then John had to hold her arms still. They were at the very end of a hall from where I was, and I could still hear her crying. The thumb prick upset her for a moment, but she calmed down as the lab guy took her blood (this was a process unlike any I've had done, and it was much easier to do with a toddler). 

She woke up at 8:00 this morning still coughing and with some pretty gross snot/boogers caked on her face. Other than that, she seemed to be feeling a little better. I gave her a little medicine, and she perked up even more. For days she hasn't been interested in eating, but she finally ate about half a bowl of oatmeal for lunch. We've been able to keep her drinking milk and juice fairly consistently, so I haven't been worried about her becoming dehydrated. She is napping now, which is good. In the days leading up to her getting sick she napped terribly (if at all) and fought going to bed at night. I was so confused why she was suddenly having so many issues with sleeping, but I think the illness was slowly setting in. 

We're going to lay low at least through tomorrow, and then I'm hoping to get out to the grocery store. We have no food in our house, and spending an hour at Wal-Mart yesterday was the last thing I wanted to do (even if I could have grocery shopped by myself). 

John and I were laughing last night because Hannah Grace is now two for two with getting sick at Christmas. Last year she threw up on Christmas Eve for a couple of hours after eating Gerber puffs. She hadn't been able to eat rice cereal or oatmeal because the grains made her throw up. We had hoped she would be able to handle the puffs (which are rice based), but she couldn't. And then this year she got to deal with Bronchitis (although, I'm happy to say that on Christmas Day she was actually feeling pretty good). Here's hoping next year she'll get to celebrate Christmas sans sickness!

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