Monday, January 9, 2012

Coming Up to Breathe

I'm still here.

Right as Hannah Grace recovered from Bronchitis, John and I both got sick with two variations of The Yuck. His was in the form of losing his voice, sore throat, coughing, and (eventually) a stuffy head. Mine was in the form of a sinus infection sent straight from Satan himself (at least that's what it felt like). It was literally as if I was constipated in my sinuses, with the pain starting with my maxillary sinus and extending to my top molars and left ear. For three nights I was awake every two hours for up to an hour because I was in so much pain. Thankfully a trip to the doctor yielded some antibiotics, and it began clearing up a couple of days later.

John, Hannah Grace, and I spent the weekend in Cincinatti, Ohio so I could be in one of my oldest friend's wedding. John and I were absolutely dreading the drive (seven hours each way) because we knew Hannah Grace would be miserable (if you've kept up with us, this blog, Facebook, or talk to us in Real Life, then you know about the issues we've had with HG in the car).

She wasn't miserable. At all. In fact, in the total fourteen hour drive, there was less than thirty minutes of crying and fussing. I can't even begin to describe just how amazing that is. I REALLY hope this is something that continues, but even if it doesn't, I'm thankful she was perfect on such a long trip.

Anyway, once we were in Cincinatti we spent our time (and by we, I mean me, the bridesmaids, and the bride) getting pampered before the big day. For the first time in years I got my hair done, for the first time since before Hannah Grace was born I got my nails done, and for the first time ever I got my make up done. I loved it all, especially since John kept Hannah Grace at the house we were staying at while I was out and about.

I LOVED the color I picked out for my nails; it's You Don't Know Jaques by OPI, and it coordinated with my dress really well:

We got home late yesterday afternoon and unloaded the car. This morning John and I agreed that if I took Hannah Grace to the grocery store early, then he would take her out on some errands he needed to run so I could have a couple of hours to clean the house. They're both back, and now Hannah Grace is napping, so I'm going to keep on cleaning (and hopefully take Christmas down, agh!). 


  1. Any pics from the wedding?

    So do you give Hannah Grace entertainment when you go on these trips? As long as I had a picture book or music I was a happy camper in the car, though I know all kids are different, plus she's still quite young.

  2. The crying and fussing has (had? I hope.) been an issue since she was three weeks old. She just hated being in the car seat. Now that she's older, she has replaced screaming bloody murder incessant whining and crying. Books work for a bit, but she truly just doesn't like being in her seat and is too stubborn to be entertained by anything.

    Except this trip. John and I are not advocates of letting our children watch videos for an entire trip, but we made an exception this time. That definitely helped in the lulls of the trip when she was tired of looking at books or playing with me (I sat in the back with her). At the end of the trip I added up how much she watched videos, and out of 14 hours of driving, there were only about four hours of movies. She napped another four hours worth, and the rest of the time she was just content to sit in her seat and read or something. It was seriously bizarre, but I wasn't complaining!