Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sew(ing) Related

For the first time in my two and a half years of sewing, I have a dedicated area to my sewing stuff. I say 'area' and not room because I'm sharing with John's L-shaped desk. Although, as of yesterday, the long side of the L is now where my cutting mat lays, leaving the short side for his computer. Now that he has an iPad, his "home office" is the recliner, so he doesn't sit at his desk much anymore. So maybe I do have a sewing room?

Anyway, over the last two weeks, the room became a disaster, and you couldn't even see the floor due to fabric, my cutting mat, and lots of other odd and end sewing notions being scattered all over. I decided that something needed to be done and began perusing Pinterest to see if any ideas popped up.

Right now, this is my current desire for the room:

A peg board. Duh. The only size I'm able to find (at a decent price) is 24x48 inches, so while it would be large, I actually think it would look o.k. hanging above my sewing table with all my "tools" on display. This would keep my notions, rulers, cutting tools, and thread off the table and out of the way. The way I have everything organized works, but Hannah Grace is only getting taller (and more curious), and her hands are finding their way to things she shouldn't have in her possession (scissors, etc), so I want something that will get my supplies completely out of her reach. 

Other than planning the re-organization of my sewing room, I've been obsessively scouring the internet for fabric for a few projects I'm planning to sew over the next few months. Not only that, I'm also (obsessively) seeking out simple, fun tutorials to help me fill out Hannah Grace's spring and summer wardrobe. When I saw this skirt, I knew that I wanted to whip up a few: 

A Simple Skirt. 
The tutorial for the skirt can be found here.

As with each year (since mid-2009) I'm hoping to continue to expand my sewing projects. I started off making pencil rolls in 2009, made my first set of curtains and pillows in 2010 (along with simple baby blankets), and in 2011 I ventured out with clothes for Hannah Grace, making my first pillow case dress, dress with long sleeves, and pants. I have a few ideas as to what 2012 will hold, but we'll just see what I'm able to come up with!

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