Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I never got around to doing a two year update post (other than what I wrote about her check up) for Hannah Grace, so before things get crazy, I thought I'd write one up!

Hannah Grace wears a 2T in clothes most of the time, but I occasionally buy a 3T in shirts; her shoe size is a 7. 

She loves Curious George, but she is making fast friends with Minnie Mouse. Elmo and Dora are friendly acquaintances :) 

She loves being read to. Any of Eric Carle's books are her favorite, along with Curious George and books that rhyme. 

Hannah Grace loves to help. At two years old, she can pour laundry detergent into the washer (I pour it into the cap, then give it to her), load the dryer, unload the dishwasher (she knows which drawers utensils, measuring cups/spoons, and spatulas, etc. go), and put kitchen towels where they belong. She also helps me by picking things up off the floor, wiping up spills, and bringing me things I need. 

She LOVES to be outside, whether its in her little pool in our back yard, at the Chick Fil A play place, or at the park. I so wish we had a splash pad around here; I think she would love it. 

She has quite a few words but doesn't string them together much. I think that's about to change in the next couple of months though. Despite that, she is very good at communicating her wants and needs. 

Hannah Grace loves going to church and always says, "God, church, Bible, and Jesus" when we are in the car. I think she thinks we're always on our way to church when we're in the car, ha. It's sweet, though. Because she enjoys being there so much, we have contemplated putting her in a mother's day out program, but we are planning to enroll her in gymnastics soon, and the cost between the two would be over $200/month. 

She loves her baby dolls (and anything that could be used as a baby, including her rock star Elmo doll, ha). She is always strolling one of them around or trying to put a diaper on one. It's super cute, and I think she will be a big help when her brother arrives. 

Bedtime is around 8:30 (earlier if she's moody), and she sleeps until about 7:00. Lately, though, she has been waking at 6 because she keeps losing her pacifier. Once I find one and give her a sippy with milk, she'll stay in bed (sometimes asleep, sometimes half awake) until 7 or so. 

Hannah Grace is a ton of fun, and has gotten so much more pleasant over the last year. She makes John and I laugh all the time. We have yet to see any signs of "terrible twos", but that does NOT mean she doesn't throw the occasional fit or have a bad day. It's just not the nightmare that so many parents make it out to be. 

We love watching her grow! Thankful to be her mommy (and John her daddy)!

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  1. love these updates!! :) love the mini pool y'all have too! we used to have one of these we would set up and would put lawn chairs in them. The dogs would love them too! :)