Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On the Go

Hannah Grace and Ozzie are both sleeping, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to share what we've been up to. 

Last week was my first full week with both kids and no help. Part of me was nervous and the other part was happy to start to get back to some sort of routine (although I use the term "routine" loosely). 

One thing I was a little anxious about was going out with both of them. A lot of people suggested that John just go with me or that I wait until Hannah Grace was in bed for the night, but neither of those options are realistic, not for us anyway. I'm happy to say that the three of us went many places last week (one outing per day) with very little drama! I took them grocery shopping, to Target (twice), the doctor's office, Chick Fil A, Wal-Mart, and one other place, but it has slipped my mind. I also went to church for the first time since Ozzie's birth on Sunday (taking Ozzie, too, of course). Ozzie nurses anywhere from every 1.5-3 hours, so I do my best to plan outings around his feedings. So far it hasn't been a problem. 

With today being Independence Day, we thought we'd have plans, but the one fireworks show we were considering going to was canceled, so it looks like we'll just be hanging out at home this evening. That's o.k., though; the heat would not have been very pleasant. 

Ozzie is waking, so I'm off to feed him. Have a safe 4th!

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