Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a different kind of therapy

Today marks one month since Dad went Home. 

Over the last month I've talked to Mom at least every other day on the phone. And the days we don't talk, we text. A lot. 

(A lot as in I realized yesterday that I've sent her over 400 picture messages in the last month. Thank goodness for unlimited messaging packages!)

I've sewn two pairs of pants and a dress for Hannah Grace. 

I started a new blog and read a book. 

We've hosted three sets of visitors and made a short trip to visit my mom. 

I had lunch with a friend, went to the Jo-Ann Grand Opening with another, and met up with them along with the other ladies from Sunday School (and their kids) at Chick Fil A to fellowship with one another. 

I remember when my cousin, Daniel, died ten years ago, I was devastated. When my Uncle Bobby Died, I was heart broken. There were several acquaintances throughout high school who died and left me feeling scared and depressed. 

With the passing of my dad, simply continuing on with life has been the best therapy. And I know that is exactly how he would want it. My dad was an avid reader of my blog and always enjoyed reading my Facebook statuses to see what I was doing with my day. He took such an interest in my life, and I know that he was truly happy with where I am now, and for that I'm thankful. I loved him so much. 

I still love him. 


  1. I would totally go watch Winnie the Pooh if I had a kid! I used to love Winnie the Pooh!

  2. You know, I still talk to my dad when I miss him. Sometimes I think I still smell his cherry tobacco.