Saturday, August 6, 2011

More visitors

A couple of days ago, our friend Brandy (who lives in Texas with her husband and their 19 month old son) called John and asked if they could stay overnight as they traveled from Kentucky (where she's from) back to Texas. We were happy to host them especially because we had not seen them since Brandy was 35 weeks pregnant with Will, and I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Hannah Grace.

We made plans to meet up at Chick Fil A so we could eat dinner and let the babies have fun in the play area. Watching Hannah Grace and Will interact was really cute. Judging by the picture below, I think he may be a tad smitten by her:

Once we finished eating, we let Will and Hannah Grace play some more outside so they would burn some more energy. We left about half an hour later, came back to our house, and HG and W each got a bath. Once they were asleep, John and I stayed up a little longer talking with Brandy and Doug.

We woke up around 7:00 yesterday morning and the babies had breakfast and just played around while we were in the living room. John made for a fun bouncing machine:

A little before 11:00, John left for work, and Brandy and Doug packed up their things. We decided to grab lunch at Abbay's, where Hannah Grace and Will did more exploring of the restaurant than eating their food! Thankfully the restaurant workers love children. 

We finished eating, said our goodbye's, and went our separate ways. Hopefully it won't be another (almost) two years before we see them again!


  1. Anna, John and HG - it was so good to see you and spend some time! Thank you for having us =) Love the photos of our kiddos! (And I think you may be right about Will - he sure did put on a show for Hannah) Ha! They were precious. Maybe we can catch you guys on a weekend when John is off and we don't have to be back for Doug to go to work, so we can visit a little longer!

  2. No spoilers, feel free to continue! And believe me, as soon as you're finished with it, you'll be going for book #2!

  3. Well, now that I think about it, I mention something that is semi-spoily, but not really... you figure it out pretty quickly! I knew about it beforehand and it didn't spoil anything.