Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap

Well, this weekend turned out much differently than I had anticipated. A few days prior to Friday, John requested chicken Alfredo lasagna for dinner Friday evening. This caught me off guard, because John never makes food requests, especially two days in advance. It is a yummy lasagna, though, and I was happy to make it again.

Friday morning rolled around, and we were talking about plans for the weekend. Our lawn mower was finally finished being repaired, so we decided to do some yard work on Saturday and have leftovers that night (please, don't be overwhelmed by our exciting lives).

Friday was also the day the Jo-Ann in our town FINALLY opened. When we moved here in January I was beyond excited to see one was being built, but I was not expecting to have to wait six months for it to be completed, especially after the store had been worked on for a couple of months already. Needless so say, I was excited and got there (along with fifteen or so other eager women) a few minutes before they opened the doors. Once the doors were open, I set off in search of some fabric to make the hanging book displays I mentioned in my last post. After I picked a material out, we moseyed around the store until Hannah Grace got fussy, and then we left.

The rest of the day was fairly normal: Hannah Grace took a nap, I did some laundry, wrote a blog post, made lunch, played with HG, started dinner, and got HG down for a second (late) nap.

. . . I love how easy my day looked. Trust me, they're not all like that ;)

Anyway, after Hannah Grace went down for her second nap, John called and asked what I was doing. "Um, at home. . . " I told him. He then asked if I wanted to do anything later that night, at which point I knew something was up because John never wants to do anything after he gets off a closing shift. I asked him what was going on, and he told me our friends Andy and Cherie (and baby Zach!) were on their way to our house and would be there in fifteen minutes! They live about two hours away, so this was definitely a surprise John set up.

I was excited and continued working on the lasagna. They arrived soon after and we just hung out until John got home. We had a late dinner, and then I proceeded to put Hannah Grace to bed around 8:45. Except she didn't want to go to bed yet, and I assumed it was because we had company, so I let her stay up, knowing I would put her back down at about 9:30. Once 9:30 rolled around, I tried putting her to bed again, and she cried and kept reaching for me. This is not like her at all (she is normally in bed no later than 9:00 without any fuss). Remembering she had some of my sweet tea earlier (also not a norm for her), I figured she was hyped on on caffeine, and she didn't go to bed until 10:30. What really stunk though, is that she woke up at her normal time (about 7:30) in the morning.

On Saturday Cherie and I ventured out to Target (grabbing some much needed Starbucks while we were there) and Jo-Ann. I bought a knit fabric and a linen-esque fabric to make some pants for Hannah Grace. We needed to meet the guys for lunch, so we left shortly after and ate one of our favorite restaurants here. By this time it was a good two hours past Hannah Grace's nap time, so Cherie and I headed back to the house so HG could get some sleep. Cherie wants to learn how to sew, so I asked John if he would keep Hannah Grace while Cherie and I went to Jo-Ann so I could help her pick out some fabric to make a tote bag. We found a great print (I even bought some) and headed back to our house. We hung out until the late afternoon before heading to Essex to see if they had anything. After Essex we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant where both Hannah Grace and Zach took turns crying- ha! We kept asking our server to bring us some shredded cheese (because we knew she loved it), and it took FOREVER for him to get it out to us. After we finished eating, we came back to our house, I gave Hannah Grace a bath and put her to bed.

Sunday morning we went to church. It was the first time we had been there in three weeks, so John and I were really looking forward to seeing our friends and introducing them to Andy, Cherie, and Zach. We ate lunch at a yummy buffet, and then we headed back so Hannah Grace could take a nap. During her nap, I helped Cherie sew her tote (and I sewed my little bag!). The finished product was very simple, but super cute. By this time it was mid-afternoon and they needed to leave, so they packed up and headed out! It was definitely a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend in my book! Haha, glad you enjoyed a surprise visit :)