Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hannah Grace and Shoes

I don't know how it happened, but at seventeen months (today!), Hannah Grace already loves shoes. She will often bring John or I just one shoe for us to put on her, and she'll wear it half the day, even with her other foot bare. Earlier today I carried her into her room for a quick diaper change, and the drawer where I keep her shoes was open. She noticed her collection (for the record, she has four pairs: one black dress, one brown dress-- both purchased at a consignment store, and the two I'm about to talk about), and I knew she wanted to wear a pair. 

Once I finished changing her diaper, I pulled the following shoes out of the drawer and put them on Hannah Grace's feet: 

These are Hannah Grace's fall/winter/until she grows out of them everyday shoe. They also happened to match the outfit she was wearing earlier (not that it mattered, especially since we weren't going anywhere). I strapped them on her feet, and Hannah Grace began happily trotting about in them. I walked in our office for a moment, turned around, and Hannah Grace had these shoes in her hands: 

She wanted me to take off the pretty, pink, somewhat pricey PedPed's, and replace them with these. 

I'd bought these shoes on clearance at Kohl's late last summer because Hannah Grace was quickly growing out of her Crocs, and since the weather wasn't cooling, she still needed a sandal. They were $6 at Kohl's (yay, clearance!), so that was enough to look past the slight boy-ish look of the sandal. And as it turned out, paired with a skirt (or really anything in Hannah Grace's closet), these look quite nice as a girl-ish sandal.  

ANYway, the point of this post is that my seventeen month old daughter already has an opinion about shoes.

 Although, she has so much pink in her wardrobe, I don't blame her for wanting something different!


  1. When I was around that age and we went shoe shopping for me at the store, apparently my mom would show me a pair of shoes, which I would push away if I didn't like, or grab and hold if I did like!

  2. Well it sounds like I will definitely have to check out the pizza and the chocolate cake next time!