Monday, October 24, 2011


Yesterday our Sunday school class went to a corn maze/farm with kid's activities. John and I have gone to these before, but this was our first as parents, and I've gotta say, they're way more fun when you have a child old enough to participate. Hannah Grace slept the first half hour or so we were there, but we spent a good chunk of that time waiting on everyone, collecting money (for the group discount), and going through a makeshift farm that let you plant seeds and pick cotton. Once Hannah Grace woke up, we took her to see the animals, let her run around a hay-filled barn loft, play in a corn box (same idea as a sand box, but with corn kernels), and go down a giant slide (at least twenty feet, if not longer) several times. We also went through the corn maze and went on a "hayride". I put it in quotations because the trailer we were on didn't actually have any hay on it; oh well. Somehow all of that took three hours, and we decided to leave because both Hannah Grace and I were getting tired. After we got home, John put Hannah Grace down and she fell asleep almost immediately. After tinkering on my laptop for a few minutes, I decided to lay down, too (at this time it was almost 5pm), and didn't wake up for two hours! Hannah Grace had to be woken up, and I was afraid she wouldn't sleep very well that night. Thankfully after dinner (we definitely went out), she only stayed up until 9:15 and then slept until 7:15! Usually she sleeps eleven hours, but I was expecting much worse since she took a two hour nap right before bedtime. 

And can you believe that despite such a fun, photographable day, I FORGOT my camera! Not only that, I also left my phone in the car, so I didn't have anything to document our activities! Lesson learned, always remember the camera! 


  1. Last year I went to a corn maze/etc. place with my small group girls, and it definitely would have been a bore without them! But this place had a lot less to do than the place you went to!

  2. I've been in the mood to go to the pumpkin patch! It would just look weird for me to show up without having any kids. OH the joy, I look forward to in the next few years. I'm glad HG was great for ya and that's one way to wear her out!! :)