Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hannah Grace, the little mommy

I'm not trying to be that parent, but I am blown away at how well Hannah Grace observes my mothering and then plays it out in her own little world. This morning I was taking a few pictures of her, when I realized she was mothering her own doll: 

Doll in her left hand, she picks up a pillow with her right to use as a mattress. 

After placing the 'mattress' on the 'bed', she lays her doll on top and grabs a blanket. 

Covering the doll. . . 

Just right. 

I pray with Hannah Grace before bedtime, and sometimes I check on her before she falls asleep. I'm guessing this is what she's mimicking. 

Looking over her shoulder. . . 

Rock. . . 

and rock. . . .

and rock to sleep. 
Obviously I can't rock Hannah Grace's crib, but I do sometimes sit in the glider in her room and rock her then, so maybe that's what she's thinking? Either way, I thought it was adorable.

I apologize for the blurriness and up closeness of some of the photos. My telephoto lens happened to be what was on my camera, so 75mm was the farthest I could get from Hannah Grace.

Also a fun fact: the doll Hannah Grace is playing with is actually one of my old Cabbage Patch baby dolls that my mom bought me when I was three!

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