Friday, November 11, 2011

two weeks, whoops.

After my last post, I began prepping for a week long trip that ultimately took us across the state of Tennessee and back. We spent the day before Halloween through the Wednesday after with my mom, which was nice. John helped her get a great deal on a computer, she treated us to several meals, and we did a little shopping at The Avenue. We spent part of Wednesday at John's parents going through some boxes that have been there for two and a half years. I happily found several books I'd couldn't find, and John went through a bunch of baseball/football/basketball cards to see if they were worth anything. He didn't really have any luck, ha.

On Thursday we drove to Knoxville and stayed with a lady John used to work with and her new husband. We had a lot of fun just lounging around their house, talking, and doing a whole lot of nothing. We met up with our friends D.C. and Suz several times, and on Saturday night, John, Hannah Grace, and I went to the UT-MTSU game. Considering everything, Hannah Grace did pretty good, but I think we'll be getting a babysitter the next time we go to a game (whenever that is). We spent so much time making sure she wasn't going to fall off a bleacher or drink some stranger's coke that neither of us got to watch much of the game until she fell asleep at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Oh well, it was still a fun time!

We got back last Sunday, and it has taken me all week to get our house back in order! I was sick yesterday (nothing major, I just felt super weak and tired-- almost flu-like, but I'm better today!), and Hannah Grace managed to terrorize the house in the 13 hours she was awake, ha.

Now I have floors to clean and laundry (like, ten loads) to fold. Anyone wanna come help? Bueller?

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