Friday, March 23, 2012

on traveling so dang much

We were home for the week, and now we're about to head back out for the weekend for a birthday party and baby shower. Then we'll be home another week before traveling again. 

I always have fun while we're visiting family and friends; it's the whole week after that messes me up. And when we're coming and going several weeks in a row, it really messes me up. I don't feel like cooking (as much), it takes longer to get the house clean because exhaustion catches up with me and Hannah Grace becomes excessively whiny without all the extra attention. 

When we were home for six weeks (February through the middle of this month), I got into a great groove of maintaining our house and cooking dinner each night. I allotted myself a certain amount of money to take Hannah Grace out for breakfast one day a week and lunch another. I meal planned on Sunday nights and grocery shopped on Monday. By the middle of April we will have been gone five weekends in a row, plus two full weeks. It's really hard to get into any kind of groove when you're gone that much. I've told several people that when the baby comes, that kind of traveling will stop. I need routine, Hannah Grace needs routine, and the baby will need routine. John simply benefits from any sort of routine we have going on (i.e. home cooked meals when he gets home at night and a somewhat tidy house). 

But for now I'm going to enjoy spending time with family and friends. I really do have fun, but I am definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine (or as much of a routine as one can have being seven months pregnant with an almost two year old). 

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