Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Spring Break"

Last week John wasl off work, so we planned a trip to Franklin/Murfreesboro to spend some time with family and friends. Unless we go back the weekend of Hannah Grace's birthday in May, we are pretty sure that was our last trip until after the baby comes. 

The first part of the week was spent at John's parent's house near Franklin. His birthday was the 3rd (big 29!) so we spent the evening at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Eagleville with Andy, Cherie, and Amber (her husband Michael had to work). We also got some great outside time when John decided to burn a bunch of. . . stuff? . . . brush? . . . debris? . . . sawed down tree with lots of sticks and limbs is what it really was, ha. Hannah Grace loves being outside, so it was fun for her to watch John do his thing while she ran around freely (or as freely as she could while avoiding my in-laws gigantic dog). 

Thursday we drove over to my mom's after having lunch with John's parents and Cherie in celebration of John's mom's birthday. Friday morning my mom and I got up, ate breakfast, dressed Hannah Grace and got her ready for what was supposed to be a three to four hour shopping trip at Opry Mills. Thanks to Good Friday crowds and long lines in stores and at the food court (we waited an hour in line at Charley's Subs. . . but even Burger King's line was that long), our three to four hour trip was more like seven! I'm happy (and quite honestly shocked) to say that Hannah Grace did very, very well and even stayed in her stroller four of those hours (two being for a nap)! She loves walking around, but I think just looking at everything going on made her tired, ha. 

Opry Mills is great and definitely has some awesome stores. Because it's an outlet mall, I would have loved for them to have an Osh Kosh, but since Murfreesboro store runs so many good sales I wasn't too bothered by the mall's lack of one. Hannah Grace LOVED the Disney store (where I secretly bought her a couple of birthday presents) and the gift shop at Rainforest Cafe. I loved the Vera Bradley outlet and have decided that I cannot step foot back in Opry Mills without having the money to buy something from there (I mean, my zipper I.D. case is getting old. . . and I have a new baby coming which means I could use one of their pretty purses as a diaper bag. . . right?). Ahem. My mom was also very generous and bought me some dressier clothes from Motherhood Maternity that I can wear to church. 

The only major complaint I have about the mall is this: If Stones River Mall in Murfressboro can have a small play area, then why can't Opry Mills? They put millions of dollars into this mall, and all they have is just a few areas for people to sit and NO place for kids to run around. It can't cost that much to put in a couple of age appropriate slides and tunnels (age appropriate being 18 months to six years old) so that parents can sit and have a break. Kids can only sit in strollers for so long! Anyhoo, that's it. It just seems like such a "duh" idea to me that I was really surprised when we didn't see anything. 

On Saturday we took Hannah Grace to a park for a little while so she could play. My mom is having a carport added on to her house, so her backyard was off limits to Hannah race! That afternoon we went on an impromptu fishing trip with John's brother's family, and then wrapped the evening up with eating Chick Fil A on my mom's newly paved patio. 

We decided at the last minute to go to church on Easter (well, we knew we wanted to go, we just didn't know where). Hannah Grace had the cutest dress, but I didn't get very many pictures of her wearing it. Oh well. We ate lunch with my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin at a new restaurant (Farmer's) in Murfressboro. Once we stuffed our guts, we loaded up in our little van and headed home!

Yesterday was a super lazy day and I got 90% done on a quilted blanket for the baby. I hope to finish today so I can take some pictures and share with everyone!

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