Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Week

I was dreading last week.

John had a big week at work, which included longer than normal days and a night away. Paired with Hannah Grace's mid-night wakings and napless afternoons, I knew the week would be rough. I wound up talking on the phone with my mom about it Monday night, and she offered to drive over the next day and visit for the week. I had my 32 week appointment Tuesday afternoon, and John wasn't able to come, so it worked out perfectly for her to watch Hannah Grace while I was with the doctor.

My appointment went well, and when I told my doctor how large the baby felt, he measured my stomach. "Well," he said, "you're measuring at 34 weeks, so you're doing o.k.". I glanced at him as he checked the computer that contained my information, "Oh wait," he continued, "you're 32 weeks. Let's do an ultrasound next time to check the baby's weight". Ha, so I'm measuring two weeks early. This doesn't really mean they'll voluntarily take the baby two weeks early (although I wouldn't mind it), but it's probably a sign that this little dude is gonna be a little on the large side (Hannah Grace was 8lb 10oz, and additional children tend to be larger at birth)!

Mom and I spent a majority of the week sewing, and I learned to make my own bias tape!

The left is 1 inch single fold bias tape, and the right is double fold bias tape. They are about 9 yards each, and I paid $3 for the fabric to make everything. To put how good of a deal is into perspective, you can buy about 3 yards of plain colored bias tape for about $2 at a fabric store. I have no idea what I'm going to use the tape on yet, but I'm happy to have learned a new sewing skill!

Mom brought along a pattern and fabric to make ruffled diaper covers, and oh my gosh, they were so adorable. In fact, on one of our three trips to Jo-Ann, I picked out a a set of fabric for her to make another pair for Hannah Grace to match a shirt I wanted to make her. She got the ruffled diaper cover sewn, and I finished the shirt, but I don't have pictures yet due to the colder temperatures (I want to do the pictures outside since it's a cute summery outfit).

Mom also made the baby a cute, fleece baby blanket with little monsters all over it, and blanket/play mat with roads and various city themed locations that you can 'drive' around with small toy cars. And we each hand stitched cute monster patches to white onesies. Along with the quilt and final projects I'm doing for Hannah Grace, I'll share pictures of these on a separate blog post.

When we weren't sewing, we were eating (a lot, yummy), shopping at Jo-Ann, taking Hannah Grace to play (once at Chick Fil A, once at the park), and cleaning the house. We don't have a room for the baby, but he does have a closet set up in our guest room. The closet was organized, but the guest room was a wreck, so mom got it all nice and organized!

I feel like I was on a bit of a vacation with her here, especially with just getting basic household things done with an extra pair of hands to help with Hannah Grace. So now that I've had my "vacation", I think I can make it to the birth of this little boy! Less than eight weeks!

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