Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 year check up

Hannah Grace had her two year check up on Monday; she weighed in at 26.5lbs is is about a quarter inch shy of 35 inches. While she isn't considered tall for her age, I'm pretty sure she isn't short either. Because John is 5'6'' and I am 5'7'', I've wondered what her adult height will be. I have heard that if you double a child's height on their second birthday, you'll have a rough guesstimate of their adult height. For Hannah Grace, that would be about 5'7''. We'll see!

Ready to go to the doctor! Not ready for her shot!
Other than height and weight, her pediatrician did the typical overall body check (eyes, ears, heartbeat, etc.), and Hannah Grace hated every. single. minute. of that. What's ironic is that as much as she hates being checked over, she loves to play doctor on me with her new doctor kit. Go figure. She also had to have one shot: chicken pox. She was scheduled to get it at her fifteen month appointment, but John and I felt more comfortable delaying it until age 2 (Mostly because we would rather she have just gotten the chicken pox and avoided the vaccine all together. Oh well). That brought on even more crying and whimpering, even ten minutes after the nurse had left and said we were free to leave. In fact, I couldn't even get Hannah Grace re-dressed at first because she just clung to me. I felt awful, so I promised her a trip to Chick Fil A for lunch along with a cookie for dessert. I ran into my friend Jessica at the doctor's office and told her my lunch plans, so she rounded her kids up and joined us. I think we were there about two hours, but Hannah Grace had a great time and the whole doctor's trip was out of her mind by the end of lunch. 

Yesterday Hannah Grace took a one hour nap, from 11-12. That is not her normal nap time (or length of time), so I'm not sure why she slept so early (for so little time). However, after her bath last night, I could tell she was super drowsy, so I let her watch a video. She conked out in the middle of it, and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of her, sweet girl. 

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  1. she looks adorable in the 1st photo! I also can't believe she is 2!!