Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collages With Picasa

My laptop crashed. John's desktop crashed. In the same week. My laptop had three years of pictures on the hard drive. 


I'm not sure how exactly how many pictures I've taken over the last three years, but I do know the number was in the thousands. 

Lesson learned: Back. Everything. Up. And not just on a hard drive, because fires and tornadoes happen. Not that I'm that super paranoid, but when you've seen the effects of houses destroyed by those two things, you can't help but keep it in mind when it comes to saving photos. 

So I signed up for Picasa, thinking it could be used for online photo storage. I learned that while it can be used in that way, I would actually have to do it through a Google+ account, and I really didn't want to go that route. 

So I signed up for SkyDrive instead, and what photos I do have are now stored there. 

However, I played around on Picasa, and while it's mostly known for it's mediocre editing software, it actually has a very nice system for organizing photos on your hard drive. So I kept it. And then I realized this was what several bloggers used to create photo collages. 

Do you know how much easier it is for me to share multiple photos at once by using a collage? 


These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at a nearby park. Hannah Grace loves the park, and I love that she can entertain herself (while getting exercise) while I either sit or simply follow her around and get a nice tan. 

Anyhoo, I created this collages in like, three minutes. If that. And it loaded onto this post in like, one minute. This is a major time saver that I will be using a whole lot more in the future!

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  1. i use the app "photo grid" on my phone.. I love it!! :) Combine it with the fact that Instagram is now Android ready, i'm set!

    Sorry you lost all your photos!