Monday, September 12, 2011

visiting friends

Our friends Michael and Amber visited us over the weekend! They live in Middle Tennessee, so while we usually see them when we're over there, it was nice to have them in our home, where our attention wasn't divided between them and everyone else we visit when we're in town.

They arrived Friday night, and we just hung out and talked until bedtime. Saturday morning we loaded up in John's car and had breakfast Chick Fil A, where we sat outside so Hannah Grace could play. Once we finished eating, we headed to Essex, where I got a few Aveeno products (baby lotion, baby wash, and a facial moisturizer) for less than $10! We left Essex and came back to the house to drop Michael and John off, and I was able to get Hannah Grace down for a nap, so Amber and I went back out to do a little more shopping.

We went to Old Navy, and while I had considered getting myself a couple of things, I wound up a few things for Hannah Grace instead. She needs some long sleeved (preferably solid colored) shirts to wear with all those pants I made her, so I bought her two of those (one brown and one pink striped) for $5/each. I also bought her this jacket:

Isn't this adorable? And the best part is that I only paid $14! It was on sale for $20 (down from $34.50), and I had a 30% off coupon for one item. I couldn't even buy the fabric and buttons for $14 to make her a jacket (which I had considered doing), so I snagged this up! Because Hannah Grace wasn't with me, I had to debate between the 18-24 month size and a 2T. I finally decided on the 18-24 month, mostly because she can still fit into a couple of 6-12 month clothes from Old Navy. I tried it on her, and while it's a teeny bit large, that's fine because she'll be able to wear it all the way through the winter! This jacket is SO cute on her!

After Amber and I left Old Navy, we went to JoAnn, but I don't think either of us bought anything (that's a first for me, ha), and we went to Sonic to take advantage of happy hour. When we got back, Hannah Grace was STILL asleep, and we all just hung out and watched college football.

We had an early dinner at Abbay's, because John wanted to watch MTSU's game against Georgia Tech. Neither Amber or I were too interested in the game, so we (this time with Hannah Grace) went back out, this time to Target where we welcomed Fall (early) with our first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! With the first sip I was immediately taken back to my first couple of years of college, sitting in the old Starbucks by Stones River Mall. Remember that guys? We had some seriously great memories there.

We walked around Target for about an hour, just talking and looking at the pretty (albeit unnecessary things) Target has on its shelves. Amber bought a shirt with Mickey Mouse shirt to wear on her and Michael's nearing trip to Disney World, and I picked up some Easy Mac. Because it makes for an easy lunch for Hannah Grace, that's why.

We went to church Sunday, grabbed fried chicken (that was WAY greasy), and watched the Titans game. Sort of. I sat down at my sewing machine fully intending on quickly hemming the sleeves of Hannah Grace's shirts I bought at Old Navy, but I soon learned that something was wrong with the machine needle. It kept hitting the presser foot and consequently broke, so I replaced it. Long story short, I didn't think it was actually fixed, until I realized there was one tiny thing I wasn't doing correctly, and I eventually "fixed" it. A whole day later. Ahem.

Anyway, once again Amber and I weren't too interested in the game, Hannah Grace was asleep, and I was in desperate need of a haircut, so off we went. I basically had a bunch of it chopped off and layered. So it's short (for me), but I like it a lot. After I had my hair lopped off, we made two trips to FedEx Office (which apparently took over Kinkos) to have a pattern printed off, got back to the house, and they packed up and left! Short trip, but definitely fun.

I just realized I left out our late, Saturday night game of Mille Bornes. For those of you who like a fun non-board game, you may enjoy this one! We usually wind up playing a few games of Phase 10 when we hang out with Michael and Amber, but this was definitely a fun alternative.

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  1. I was sad when they closed that Starbucks because of all the memories. The last time I went there was when Garrett and I met with our wedding photographer the first time.

    That is true that Osama being dead does not solve the problem, I think he was just trying to appease his daughter's fears.